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Why 2020 was the LKFresh ‘Year of Giving’

When I was a kid, my family owned an egg layer farm. My grandma used to bring us along to give out eggs, angpow and food to the old folks’ home in our town during Chinese New Year and her birthday. We knock on every door to pass the goods to them. She did it every year.

At that time, she wanted to train us to empathise with the needy. I was still a kid and so didn’t feel her meaning. I thought it was just a job our grandma ‘forced’ us to do. My dad continued what my grandma did.

But now as owner of Liang Kee Farming, I have the chance to help the needy with the farm earning. This is a different feeling from just giving out things that I didn’t earn.

In the past years, I did quite a lot of charity - donating eggs to underprivileged, the Orang Asal communities, at rural schools. Truth is, there has been a continued slump in egg sales. Due to overproduction, the eggs are quite hard to sell at a fair price while earning decent profit.

I really got pissed off one time when a middleman kept pressing to buy at lower prices. I couldn’t stand it and told him I wouldn’t sell to him, knowing it would mean him making a huge profit.

Contrary to what people might think, this cost-slashing tactic does not help salvage losses. That’s why I try to sell direct to customers to avoid this unfair trade.

With the surplus 30000++, I decided to donate to Food Aid Foundation in KL. That was my 1st time donating in such a large volume. However, the photos of the smiling faces of needy beneficiaries receiving our eggs really brought happy feelings that they appreciate my hard work to produce the eggs.


Wisdom Proverb of The Month:

Charity Begins At Home

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